1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide

Table 2 -- Apple IPM Resources

from the New England Apple Pest Management Guide, p. 6


Visor magnifiers for mite scouting

10X hand lens

Apple maggot red ball traps

Apple odor volatile lures


Bright orange flagging to mark trap locations

Flow meter (low range for high pressure nozzles; high range for air shear sprayer manifolds)

Water sensitive paper
pH paper (5&shyp;9 range) or pH meter

Tapping tray for monitoring plum curculio and mullein plant bug

Sticky traps for detecting prebloom leafminer moths, tarnished plant bug or
European apple sawfly

Olsen wire trap holders

Pheromone traps and lures for codling moth for low spray blocks

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OTHER RESOURCES. Contact Cooperative Extension in your state about newsletters, pest monitoring guidelines, pesticide safety bulletins, hot&shyp;line phone numbers, IPM training, commercial scouting services, and computer network sources for apple IPM information.

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1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide