1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide


1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide, pp. 16-17

Scab-resistant apple cultivars offer a means for reducing or even eliminating the need for fungicides. While these cultivars may be referred to as "disease-resistant", resistance beyond scab varies. There are some diseases, in particular summer rots and blemishes, that will remain a problem in all of these cultivars and may require a few fungicide applications for adequate control.

Commercial growers have not planted these cultivars on a large scale, largely because it is difficult to gain acceptance of any new cultivar. Still, many of these cultivars produce fruit of commercial quality. For those growers who can develop a market for "low-spray" fruit, these cultivars may be useful. We recommend any of these cultivars for planting on a limited basis only, as the problems which may develop in any area using a minimal pesticide program can vary.

Storage potential for SRCs has not been widely investigated. SRCs maturing in August generally have only 2&shyp;3 weeks of storage life. Prima was extensively tested at Nova Scotia and judged suitable only for short-term storage of less than 2 months in regular (air) cold storage. Liberty, Novamac, Nova Easygro, and Macfree were judged suitable for 2&shyp;4 months of regular storage whereas Novaspy held well for more than 4 months in regular storage. GoldRush and Enterprise have also held up well in long-term storage in other more limited tests.

Table 5 -- Scab-resistant Cultivars

Characteristics Resistance


(days from full bloom)

Size In.




Pristine 7/25--8/10
2.5--3.0" ÄYellow
Ä - (no data)
ÄMild, pleasant
A summer apple in Lodi season, but significantly better quality and shelf life than Lodi or Yellow Transparent. - - -    
William's Pride 8/10--8/20
2.5--3.0" Ä100% dark red to purple
ÄOblate to round
ÄMedium to coarse; firm
ÄMild subacid; rich
Generally before Paulared. May ripen unevenly. Sometimes shows water core and bitter pit. R M M    
Redfree 8/15--8/30
2.0--3.0" Ä90% dark red stripes on yellow
ÄMed. coarse, tender, juicy
ÄSweet, good
Unusually crisp for early season apple. Sweeter less acidic than Paulared. Tree vigor is low, fruit size may be a problem. S R R    
2.7--3.3" Ä80% dark red
ÄOblate to round
ÄFine grain, firm & crisp
ÄSubacid to mild
Paulared season. Very rust susceptible. May not be cold hardy enough for northern areas. Fruit quality in VT considered fair. S R R    
Prima 8/25--9/15
2.5--3.5" Ä70% red/orange, dark red stripes
ÄOblate, slight rib
ÄSlightly coarse, crisp, juicy
ÄSlightly sweet, sprightly
Quality generally better in cooler climates, thought winter hardiness a problem in coldest areas. Requires multiple harvests. S R R    


Novamac 9/10--9/15
3.0" Ä70% red stripe on green
ÄFine, crisp, juicy
ÄSubacid, fair
A very McIntosh-like apple. Considered only fair quality in some regions. R M R    
Jonafree 9/10--10/1
2.5--3.5" Ä90% red stripes
ÄOblate, irregular
ÄCoarse, crisp, juicy
ÄSweet, sprightly
A Jonathan-like apple, with a very firm flesh and tough skin. Trees are productive. Quality only fair in northern New England. S M M    
2.7--3.0" Ä75% dark red
ÄOblate, symmetric
ÄFine, crisp, juicy
ÄSweet, subacid, like Macoun
Midseason apple with Macoun-like character. Stores 4-6 months. Trees are upright, less precocious than Empire. Moldy core problems. R R R    
Freedom 9/25--10/5
2.7--3.0" Ä80%orange red stripes on yellow
ÄTender, juicy, coarse
ÄSprigthly, subacid, unique
Very uneven in terms of quality. Fruit finish is poor without any fungicides. If picked too early, storage scald is a problem. R R M    
Liberty 9/25--10/5
2.5--3.3" Ä90% dark red stripes
ÄOblate to conical
ÄSlightly coarse, crisp, juicy
ÄSweet, sprightly
A proven good quality SRC for the McIntosh region. Produces like Empire. Harvest window narrow. Storage improves flavor. R R R    
Nova Easygro 9/20--10/5
3.0" Ä80% dark red to stripe
ÄCoarse, crisp, slightly juicy
ÄSweet, good
Moderately productive. Fruit coloring a problem in warmer areas. Quality improves with storage. R R R    
Macfree 10/5--10/15
2.7" Ä90% dark red stripes/grn
ÄRound, smooth
ÄSlght.tough, jcy., coarse
ÄSweet, near McIntosh
Coloring a problem in southern, warmer areas. Tendency to be biennial. S M -    
Enterprise 10/10--10/20
2.7--3.5" Ä90--100% red on yellow&shyp; green
ÄRound to elongated
ÄMed. grain, firm, crisp
ÄVery spicy, rich and sprightly acid
Harvested with Rome Beauty. Stores well, flavor improves with 1 month storage. Tree vigorous. Thick skin. Good commercial potential. R M R    
GoldRush 10/15--10/30
2.5--3.0" ÄGreenish to deep yellow
ÄOblate, regular
ÄMedium grain, firm, very crisp
ÄComplex, spicy
Late harvest will probably limit adaptability in the north. Stores well. Moderately vigorous tree. S - -    
Novaspy 10/15--10/30
2.5--3.0" ÄRed blush or stripe on green yellow
ÄFine grain,firm,crisp,jcy
ÄSweet, moderate acid
A Northern Spy type apple. Probably will have limited role in areas with shorter
- M -    


CAR = cedar apple rust
MIL = Powdery mildew
FB = Fire blight

R = Resistant, M = Moderately resistant or tolerant, S = susceptible

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