1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide


This guide summarizes certain information from product labels and other sources, but it does not include all of the information for which you, as a user, are responsible.

Contact Cooperative Extension for pesticide safety training materials, and your state Department of Agriculture for current pesticide regulations. A primary requirement is that no owner or lessee shall permit pesticide application in such a manner as to directly, or through drift, expose workers or other persons to spray or dust.

PRODUCT LABELS ARE THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS OF PROPER USAGE. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE USING ANY PESTICIDE. If you are unsure about any aspect of safe or proper use, contact the manufacturer or Cooperative Extension. If you cannot settle the question, reassess the need for using that product.

Wear the appropriate protective equipment listed on the label when working with organophosphate insecticides or any concentrated sprays or dusts. Do not allow pesticides to contact your skin. Read and follow all safety precautions on labels. After handling pesticide, wash hands and face before eating or smoking. Instruct your family, co-workers and farm laborers on pesticide safety procedures. Post safety rules and emergency information where workers will see them.

Apple growers sometimes need to use pesticide in areas where residences, cropland, pasture, or bodies of water are nearby. Pesticide drift from orchards to off-target areas presents a hazard. Avoid application when conditions favor drift.


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1996-1997 New England Apple Pest Management Guide