Soil testing time

Just a reminder that soon, it will be time to collect your soil samples for testing. Soil analysis tests gives you an assessment of acidity and fertility of the soil before the growing season. It is important to do this test in the fall to determine what are the fertilizer needs for your orchard  and make the necessary corrections.  As part of our budget to help improve fruit quality,
we requested funds to provide one free leaf and soil test for each grower in the state.   Since not too many people took advantage of this offer for the leaf analysis, I will try to encourage you to take advantage for soil testing by  including one soil testing kit in each letter.  If you wish to test more than one site, call the telephone number given below for more kits (the cost is 10.00 dollars per sample). 

On the information sheet you will send along with your soil sample, write the word FREE on the top of the sheet.

Soil and leaf testing is available through UVM Agricultural and Environmental Testing Laboratory.  If you want soil test kits, you may call the soils lab at 802-656-3030, me at 802-656-2824, or you may write to:

The University of Vermont
Agr. and Env. Testing Lab
Hills Science Bldg.
Burlington, VT 05405-0082

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