Update to the 1998-1999 New England Apple Pest Management Guide

Enclosed in this newsletter is the 1999 Update to the New England Apple Pest Management Guide.  If you need the Guide itself,  please send a check for $15.00 payable to the University of Vermont and mail to:  Peggy Verville, Department of Plant & Soil Science, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405.

Sprayer Calibration - A Critical Component in any Pest Management Program

Now is the time to review pages 78-83 of the 1998-1999 New England Apple Pest Management Guide.  This section includes information on:  Tree Row  Volume Calculations, Sprayer Setup, Measuring Sprayer Output, and Adjustments for Different Blocks.    Are you sure your pest management problems are not due to inaccurate sprayer calibration and pesticide dosage?  With many of the newer pesticides, there is very little room for error in terms of application to produce desired results.

Information at your Fingertips via the World Wide Web

The following Web sites are part of the UVM Apple Extension and Research Program.   

UVM Apple Orchard:  http://

The UVM Apple Orchard is Vermont's apple growers Internet connection to the University of Vermont Apple Extension/Research program. The web site is frequently updated to reflect current Extension and research generated horticulture, IPM, and marketing information.   For example, the Vermont Apple Newsletters and Pest Alerts are posted there, before the printed versions are delivered by regular mail; the Horticulture page provides cultivar and nutritional information; the IPM Focus page includes timely information on pests and biological control; and there is a link to weather information.

The Vermont Apple IPM Focus:        http://

This web site offers IPM information on apple diseases, arthropods, biological control and organic pest management applicable to Vermont orchards.  It includes a resource library plus current "real time" information on what is occurring in orchards throughout the growing season.  The web site also provides links to valuable apple IPM information across the country

AIM (Apple Information Manager):                 http://orchard.uvm.edu/aim/

The Apple Information Manager (AIM) is an interdisciplinary, regional collaborative project, involving apple growers and University Extension and research personnel from the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  AIM is partially funded by a USDA Northeast IPM Program competitive research and Extension grant.

AIM uses the capability of the Internet to serve as a comprehensive, frequently updated channel for transmitting information to, from, and among growers, industry services providers and University personnel. AIM provides apple growers and their advisors (i.e., IPM consultants) with access to communication functions, resource material, extension publications, research reports, weather data, and daily updates of site-specific apple IPM decision support models.


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