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Criteria for Determining Bud Stages:

[Note:  The source of the following pictures is:   'Growth Stages in Fruit Trees', New York Food and Life Sciences Bulletin, No. 58, February 1976, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY]

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Dormant                             Silver Tip

  greentip.jpg (8745 bytes)    hig.jpg (8561 bytes) 

Green Tip                          Half Inch Green 

 tightcluster.jpg (11458 bytes)

      Tight Cluster

Criteria:   When 50% of non-spur McIntosh buds appear as the above pictures.  Please note that Green Tip should be viewed from the side -- in other words, do not look straight down into  the bud to see if you can see green tissue.


    pink.jpg (13569 bytes)      bloom.jpg (10570 bytes)

          Pink                                        Full Bloom

Criteria:    Pink -- when 60-70% of Blossoms are as shown on non-spur McIntosh

                Full Bloom --   when 60-80% of fruit buds are in bloom on non-spur McIntosh


              petelfall.jpg (13756 bytes)            

                         Petal Fall                                    

Criteria:  Petal Fall -- two stages are important as 'biofixes' -- 95% Petal Fall (when 5% of fruit buds still have their blossoms) and 100% Petal Fall (when, for all purposes, petal fall is complete, i.e., can have a few petals left on tree)


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