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The UVM Apple Program:

Extension and Research for the commercial tree fruit grower in Vermont and beyond...

Our commitment is to provide relevant and timely horticultural, integrated pest management, marketing and economics information to commercial tree fruit growers in Vermont and beyond. Please be sure to visit AIM (the Apple Information Manager) for more regional apple production information. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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Roger Brouillette, Gwen Neff, Jessica Reardon, Linda Boccuzzo, Dr. Elena Garcia, and Dr. Lorraine Berkett

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    VT Apple Newsletter, July 25, 1999

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     IPM Alert, June 2 1999

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   VT Apple Newsletter, May 19, 1999

  "Orchard Radar"   running for Vermont sites:  Introduction, Directory of Sites

  Weekly DD Accumulation Posting for Apple Scab Ascospore Maturity

    Critical Temperatures for Tree Fruit Bud Stages

   Potential Rootstocks for Vermont, April 19, 1999

  Weekly Update of DD Accumulation and Associated Pest Events

   Reported Apple Bud Stage Development:

1999  Reports of Apple Bud Stage (McIntosh)   for Selected Sites


UVM Hort.Res.Center


New Haven


Walpole, NH


Dormant Dormant Dormant Dormant Dormant




Dormant Green Tip(4/11) Dormant


Green Tip (4/18)

Green Tip (4/16)

Green Tip(4/18) -

Green Tip (4/15)


HIG (4/26)

HIG (4/24)

HIG (4/26)

HIG (4/22)

HIG (4/26)


Tight Cluster (5/3)

Tight Cluster (5/2)

- - Loose Cluster/Early Pink (5/3)


Early Pink (5/06)

Early Pink (5/5)

Full Pink (5/6)

Early Pink(5/5) - -


First Bloom (5/7)

First Bloom (5/8)

First Bloom (5/7) First Bloom (5/8) Pink


Full Bloom (5/11)

Full Bloom (5/10)

Full Bloom (5/10) - First Bloom (5/8)

Bloom (5/10)


Petal Fall (5/18)

Petal Fall (5/16)

Petal Fall (5/16) Full Bloom (5/16) 95% Petal Fall (5/18)

                            Click here to read criteria for determining bud stages

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rd_star.gif (874 bytes)Check out AIM (Apple Information Manager): a collaborative Extension and research effort of the Universities of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to bring timely, relevant, and useful apple production information to New England apple growers via the World Wide Web. AIM has excellent weather resources and helpful IPM decision making tools that should be of interest to all New England orchardists.

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