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The University of Vermont Apple Team within the Plant & Soil Science Department welcomes you to the

       UVM Apple Orchard

The UVM Apple Program:  

Research and education for the commercial tree apple grower in Vermont and beyond...

UVM Apple Team Members

Terence Bradshaw,  Research and Outreach Specialist

Dr. Lorraine Berkett,  Professor Emerita

Ann Hazelrigg, Plant Diagnostic Clinic Director

Sarah Kingsley-Richards, Research Technician

Zachary Noel, Student Intern

                     Please Note: we will be redesigning our web platform during winter 2014. Please keep keep an eye out for the new site in spring.

2014 Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association Annual Meeting and UVM Apple Program Educational Session

View the meeting agenda here

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Check out this website on Organic Apple Production....

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[Note: To read some of the information  you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.]


2014 New England Tree Fruit Pest Management Guide -- Order Now. Available Spring 2014...

How to Use NEWA - An Instructional Video
How to Use NEWA Printable Handout
Graphics courtesy of Dr. Juliet Carroll, Cornell University

The Network for Environment & Weather Applications (NEWA) is a web-based resource through

Cornell University which  provides up-to-date weather data and IPM tools

such as growing degree day accumulations and disease and insect forecast models

for various sites in Vermont.   Please go to http://newa.cornell.edu/  to find the closest weather station

to you to track DD accumulation, apple scab ascospore maturity and other disease and insect models.


 2013 Apple Bud Stages at the UVM Hort. Research Center

  Observations from Orchards being managed with Organic Methods at the UVM Hort. Res. Center


Critical Spring Temperatures

Critical Temperatures (F) for Tree Fruit Bud Stages1(WSU)

 Bud Stage

Silver Tip

Green Tip

Half-inch Green

Tight Cluster

First Pink

Full Pink

 First Bloom

Full Bloom

Post Bloom

 Ave. temp. for 10% kill2










 Ave. temp. for 90% kill2










                  1For Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Winesap approximately one degree hardier; 

                                            Rome Beauty, two degrees hardier, except after Petal Fall when all varieties are equally tender                   

                            2 Avg temperatures found by research at the WSU Res. and Ext. Center, Prosser,  to result in 10% and 90% kill

A resource that includes the above apple information with colored photos of bud stages and information on other tree fruits is at:


IPM Alerts


  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, August 1, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, July 10, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, June 18, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, June 10, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, June 5, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, May 14, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, May 6, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, May 1, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, April 23, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, April 10, 2013

  Vermont Apple IPM Alert, April 5, 2013

  Please see archived IPM Alerts for 2012


[Note:  The Vermont Apple IPM Program is being supported  by  a USDA Extension IPM grant,  a Specialty Crop Block grant from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, a grant from the USDA Risk Management Agency to reduce orchard risks,  and a grant from the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers' Association.   Thanks go out to all of these organizations !]


Articles of Interest ...... 

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug in Vermont

NEWA - Tools for IPM by Dr. Juliet Carroll, Cornell University, VTFGA/UVM Apple Workshop Presentation, Feb. 8, 2011

Early Season Pests by Dr. Art Agnello, Cornell University, VTFGA/UVM Apple Workshop Presentation, Feb. 8, 2011

Summer Pests by Dr. Art Agnello, Cornell University, VTFGA/UVM Apple Workshop Presentation, Feb. 8, 2011

Dr. Renae Moran's 2010 VTFGA presentation on Apple Tree Nutrition

"OP Alternatives in Apple Arthropod Management"  by Dr. Art Agnello, Cornell University,  VTFGA/UVM AppleWorkshop Presentation, Feb. 26, 2008

Human Resource Considerations In Hiring by Jericho Bicknell,  UVM Extension Risk Management Coordinator

Apple Orchard Information for Beginners

IPM 'Quick' Summary for Monitoring Apple Arthropod Pests

IPM Checklist

A Synopsis of Key Arthropods and Diseases Affecting Apples

Economic Significance of Organic Fruit Production in New England, the US, and the World 

A Quicker Way to Determine Scab Risk in Your Orchard 

Does Surround Have Non-target Impacts on New England Orchards? 

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